Mission, Vision, & Values


Central Fire Protection District is committed to saving lives and minimizing loss through prevention efforts; community education; the hiring, retention, and ongoing training of highly qualified safety personnel; and ensuring availability of the tools and equipment necessary to provide emergency services.  
Central Fire is committed to taking a strategic, forward thinking approach to emergency services, and maximizing the limitations of the annual budget to provide the best possible service to the community.


To Promote a Culture of Trust, Responsibility and Professionalism

Core Value #1: Trust
  • We recognize that there is an “expected” public trust in the performance of our duties. We recognize our daily performance shall be appropriate and accountable.
  • We present verbal and written communication in an honest, ethical and appropriate manner.
  • We build on people’s strengths through active listening and looking for “the positives” in relationships.
Core Value #2: Responsibility
  • We provide fiscally responsible and judicious use of public resources. We accept personal responsibility for our actions.
  • We provide continuing service excellence by adapting to the evolving critical needs of our community.
  • We meet challenges through collaborative “teamwork” at all organizational levels and are open to innovative ideas.
Core Value #3: Professionalism
  • We practice “service before self” in all of our actions.
  • We communicate with tact, sensitivity and respect for the individual.
  • We know that maintaining high professional standards is mission critical to our success. We acknowledge our commitment to “give back” to the community we serve!